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These are the families listed in the 1812 Census of Sulz. This was compiled by Fr. Conrad Keller and printed in an old "Kalenderbuch" dated circa 1912-1914 as part of the 100 year Jubilee of the Catholic villages in the Beresan District of South Russia.

The original copy of the publication belonged to Karl Berger and was occasionally brought out and shared with his visiting granddaughter, Vera Berger Hoff, when she was a teenager.

Years later, she made a copy of this and has now graciously donated the information to the researchers of the Beresan villages listed within. Peter Mock and Roland Wagner have donated their time in the translation of the German version into English. The household listings were originally in numerical order, and for ease of searching, I have rearranged the households alphabetically.




Anton Armbrust (?), from Schlugtal (?), wife Annamaria Fried (?), from Berg.

Kaspar Bauer, 32, from Surburg, wife Katharina, nee Christmann, 29, from Hölschloch. Son: Anton, 5. Daughters: Barbara, 6, Katharina, 4.

Johann Adam Bernhardt, 34, from Hagenbach, wife Elisabeth nee Nikolaus, 31            years, from Rheinzabern. Son: Jakob, 5 years.

Martin Bisan, 28, from Belbrini, wife Katharina nee Leiminger, 28, from Steinweiler.

Franz Blech, 37, from Konztanz, wife Marianna Baum, 40, from Buntenthal.  (The            family is listed as having died out.)

Joseph Blumenschein, 42, from Iglau (Mähren***), wife Katharina Schmalz, 34, from Steinfeld. Son: Joseph, 5. Daughters: Margaretha, 10, Katharina, 7, Sophia, 4.

Annamaria Boxmeier, widow, 60, from Kreisweiler (2nd husband Joseph Zimmermann?) Son: Michael, 25, Daughters: Zäzilia, 30, Elisabetha, 20, Katharina, 16.

Franz-Joseph Braxmaier, 23, from Walburg (?), wife Magdalena, nee Bauer, 27, from Surburg.

Johann Christmann, 24, from Hölschloch, wife Juliana, 26, Lutheran, from Bintenbach (?).   Daughters: Marianna, 5, Juliana, 2.

Martin Ehly, 32, from Scheid, wife Barbara Zimmermann, 22, from Kreisweiler.

Mathias Ehrenpreis, 37, from Rheinhaus (?), wife Anna-Maria (?), Lutheran,
from Schwezing Schwetzingen?). Sons: Jakob, 6, Kaspar, 3.

Georg Fischer, 41, from Steinach, wife Margaretha Klemens, 41, from Wingen. Stepchildren: Michael-Siegwarth, 10, Magdalena Siegwarth, 1 [?].

Andreas Gabriel, 28, from Scheibhart, wife Margaretha, nee Nikolaus, 25, from Bihelberg.

Elisabeth Grüser, widow, 50, from Jokrim. Sons: Georg-Peter, 21, Georg-Jakob, 17. Daughter: Magdalena, 14. (The family is listed as having died out.)

Franz Heidt, 44, from Leimersheim, 2nd wife Marianna, nee Müller, 39, from Arzheim. Sons from 1st wife: Valentin, 17, Philipp-Adam, 12, Wendel, 6. Daughter: Eva-Barbara, 13. Stepdaughter: Elisabeth Brendel, 8.

Jakob Helfrich, 47, from Weidental, 2nd wife Mary-Eva, nee Meichel, 27, from Schindert (?). Son: Siegfried, 7 (from 1st marriage). Daughter: Magdalena, 12 (from 1st marriage). From 2nd marriage: Philipp, 4.

Anton Hutmacher, wife Katharina Weber.

Johann-Adam Kaiser, 24, from Hauenstein, wife Walburga, nee Schwab, 21, from Walburg (?).

Jakob Kirchner, 34, from Rheinzabern, wife Anna-Maria Rothweiler, 27 [?]. Son: Jakob, 8. Daughters: Gertrud, 6, Margaretha, 3. (The family is listed as having died out.)

Jakob Knittel, 25, from Oberseebach, wife Regina Lieb (or Sieb), 27, from Altstadt.

Johann-Anton Knoll, 46, from Bihelberg, wife Margaretha Ursula Masset, 34. Daughters: Margaretha Ursula, 8, Rosalia, 5.

Karl Köhler, 37, from Schwengen [?], wife Marianna Gütner, 34, Lutheran,  from Balden (Silesia). Sons: Karl, 12, Wilhelm, 10, Joseph-Ernst [?], 8, Johann August, 6.

Leonhardt Kühlmeier, 27, from Wingen, wife Sophie Roll, 27, from Pirnahens.  (The family is listed as having died out.)

Friedrich Kunz, 49, from Fischbach, wife Margaretha, nee Nagler, 30, from Silz (?). Sons: Georg-Johann, 14, Peter, 10.

Johann Kupper, 30, from Mühlsbach, wife Juliana, nee Konrad, 25, (reformed),     from Wilkartshausen.

Johann Laubersbacher, 34, from Albersweiler, wife Elisabeth nee Fuchs, 33 years.  (The family is listed as having died out.)

Joseph Lefrank, from Zabern, wife Barbara Heidt ?, from Leimersch.

Michael Lorenz (?), from Siegen, wife Margaretha, nee Zimmermann (?), from            Kreisweiler. Daughters: Elisabeth, 9, Katharina, 7, Annamaria, 4. (The family is                listed as having died out.) 

Johann Masset, 32, from Bihelberg, wife Theresia Brossar, 30, from the same village. Daughters: Theresia, 6, Margaretha, 3. (The family is listed as having died out.)

Joseph Matzet, 24, from Bihelberg, wife Margareth, nee Brettenmaier, 21, from the same village. (The family is listed as having died out.)

Johannes Michel, 27, from Dahn, wife Katharina Kuhn, 20, from Leimersch.

Mathäus Morel, 50, from Holingen (Alsace), wife Margaretha-Eva Aßler, 42, from Rheinzabern. Son: Johann-Adam, 17. Daughter: Magdalena, 10.

Jakob Rheinhard, 47, from Münchweiler, wife Magdalena Schäfer, 57, from Danzeiters. Stepson: Fr. Anton Ender, 13. Daughter: Aloisia, 10 (from 1st wife).

Johann-Adam Röder, 38, from Offenbach, wife Magdalena Hofert, 43, from Odersheim (?).

Martin Roll, 23, from Jokrim, wife Anna-Maria Springel, 20, from Waldburg.

Paul Sattler, 43, from Borlheim (?), wife Barbara Diemen, 43. Son: Johannes, 16. Daughter: Barbara, 5.

Franz-Anton Scherer, 37, from Hagenbach, wife Elisabetha, nee Plappert, 37. Sons: Franz-Joseph, 16, Andreas, 9, Mathäus, 5.

Joseph Schloß, 44, from Jokrim, 2nd wife Katharina Paul. Sons: Johann-Jakob, 9, Peter, 7. Daughters: Katharina, 15, Franziska, 2.

Georg-Peter Segmüller, 24, from Rheinzabern, wife Maria-Katharina Götzinger, 24. Son: Michael 1½.

Sebastian Seitz, 41, from Buntenthal, wife Mary-Eva, nee Seemann, 34, from Phohhausen. Daughters: Kreszentia, 10, Johanna, 8.  (The family is listed as having died out.)

Peter Stöbener, 32, from Wernersberg, wife Sophie Weinert, 26, from Arzheim. Sons: Anton (?), Johann-Jakob (?).

Johann Straub, 47, from Oestringen (Baden), wife Margaretha Klein. Son: Franz-Joseph, 13. Daughters: Katharina, 14, Franziska, 11. (The family is listed as having died out.)

Franz Sutel, 40, from Rötern, wife Margaretha Jerling, 33, from Lug. Stepchildren: Peter Heinert (?), 19, Jakob, 17, Johann, 11, Georg-Adam, 5, Ursula, 7, Marianna, 4.  (The family is listed as having died out.)

Georg Warther, 22, from Surburg, wife Katharina Bauer, 22, from the same village. Daughter: Magdalena, 1½.

Kaspar Weber (widower), 57, from Alberweiler (or Albersweiler). Son: Jakob, 27. Daughters: Katharina, 21, Barbara, 19, Annamaria, 15.

Johann Adam Weinert, 52, from Knizoldskirch (?); wife Katharina [???], 37, from Altstadt. Stepchildren: Dominik Deis, 9, Theresia, 16, Margaretha, 8, Franziska, 4.

Ferdinand Weiß, 30, from Eszach**), wife Margaretha, nee Freitag, 25, from Wengersberg or Wernersberg. Son: Franz-Joseph, 3. (The family is listed as having died out.)

Johann Wetsch, 30, from Weidenthal, wife Mary-Elisabeth Bauer, 19, from Surburg. Children from 1st wife: Franz, 9, Friedrich, 7, Magdalena, 4. Mother of the wife: Magdalena Engelhard, 55.

Maria-Barbara Zentner, nee Degert (?), from Neudorf (?), widow, 36. Sons: Karl-Ludwig, 15, Franz, 8, Jakob, 4 (the two latter are living in Katharinental). Daughter: Juliana, 10.

Michael Zimmermann ?, from Kreuzweiler, wife Margaretha Masset, nee Brettenmaier

**) According to another document he is from Bergzabern.        
***) According to another document he is from Weihenburg.




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